More than three and a half months after Hurricane Ida slammed southeastern Louisiana, many residents still have no electricity, or even a house, but they’ve still got power bills, the Courier reports. Entergy may have had all eight of its New Orleans transmission lines and its nearly brand-new gas-fired power plant rendered inoperable by the storm, but its billing department was apparently left unscathed. Robin Hunter and her husband Jamie Theriot have lived in a trailer, powered by a generator, on their property in Chauvin since the storm. They’ve received more than $1,000 in bills from Entergy since the storm rendered their house unlivable.

In Pointe-aux Chenes, Brenda Billiot told the Courier she’s received two bills totalling $600 since Ida despite the fact that the only thing left standing on her property is the front porch. “They said I have until the 14th to pay before my power gets cut off,” she said, “but I don’t have any power anyways.” (The Courier, AP; Climate Signals background: 2021 Atlantic hurricane season)