Power outages in Texas continue to leave millions without electricity in a state where infrastructure is not equipped for the winter weather, and this isn’t the first time the state’s grid has failed due to its unwinterized energy systems. In 2011, FERC issued a report calling on utilities to winterize their power systems after an Arctic cold front dealt a similarly disastrous blow in the Southwest, shutting down power plants and causing blackouts. However, the recommendations were not mandatory and ERCOT, the state’s grid operator said it couldn’t force utilities to do so. On Tuesday, Texas Governor Greg Abbott falsely told Sean Hannity renewables were to blame for the blackouts and claimed the massive failures of the state’s highly deregulated electricity system showed “how the Green New Deal would be a deadly deal.”

The next day, Abbot announced he had issued an order requiring gas producers in the state to sell their gas only to electricity generators in Texas. (Planning failure: Bloomberg $, Houston Chronicle, NBC, LA Times $, The Verge; Abbot comments: Washington Post $, Market intervention: Dallas Morning News, Texas Tribune)