Just Stop Oil protesters disrupted the Open Championship in the UK two weeks ago, and then trolled wealthy golfers at the Sebonack Golf Club in NY’s ritzy Hamptons last week. In the UK, Just Stop Oil lit an orange flare before being taken into police custody, calling it an “oil in one,” and giving a quote that “there will be no more holes in one when our society collapses. We must stop our government’s 100 new oil and gas licenses before they go on to cause more harm.”

Those approvals for drilling in the North Sea would produce the emissions of nearly 14 million cars, or about as much as the entire country of Denmark. In the US, Planet Over Profit protestors trolled golfers at a pricey country club, parading through the club carrying a pitchfork with someone dressed as an Orca, and chanting “Tax the rich, tax the motherfucking rich!”

They got personal, too, criticizing the golfers’ performance and hefty payments for membership: “That was terrible!,” one protestor can be heard in the video, “That was the worst swing I’ve ever seen! You paid a million dollars to hit like that?!” (UK: Golf Digest, The Hill; US: Golf Digest; North Sea emissions: The Guardian