President Biden renominated Jennifer Rearden to a lifetime appointment on the federal bench last week. Reardon, a New York corporate lawyer who worked for the firm representing Chevron in its efforts to take down environmental lawyer Steven Donziger, was nominated for the judgeship in the Southern District of New York by the previous president but her nomination expired before being acted upon. Rearden has given prolifically to politicians of both parties in the tri-state area. Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-Mich.) blasted Reardon’s renomination over her role in “the outrageous Chevron legal assault on human rights lawyer Steven Donziger,” according to The Hill. Tlaib described her renomination as “a slap in the face to the very people who put President Biden in the White House” and called on Biden to withdraw it immediately. (The Hill, Sludge)

Correction: A previous version misspelled Jennifer Rearden’s last name.