Severe flooding in far-northeast India and Nepal have killed hundreds and displaced millions, according to reports. As of Monday morning, the Guardian reported, at least 200 had died in the Indian state of Assam and neighboring Nepal, and Reuters reported the flooding had displaced more than 2.75 million people since May. Officials worry the flooding and evacuations will worsen the already-rapid spread of the coronavirus — at least 50,000 people in tightly-packed relief camps. Sanghamitra Sanyal, a member of Assam’s flood management force, told Reuters: “It’s hard to enforce social distancing when people are being ordered to move away from the rising waters. The AP reported Tuesday that several landslides had effectively blocked the Prithvi Highway, connecting the Nepalese capital Kathmandu to much of the rest of the country.

Torrential rains also forced Chinese officials to blow up a dam on the Chuhe River in Anhui province in eastern China to ease flooding. The Yangtze river above the massive Three Gorges Dam has already risen to more than 50 feet above flood levels, the AP reported Tuesday, and has claimed scores of lives. The floodwaters are also threatening Wuhan, complicating both the production of personal protective equipment (PPE) and its export to the U.S. (India and Nepal: AP, The Guardian, Reuters; China: AP, BBC, Al Jazeera; PPE: Reuters, CNN; Climate Signals background: Extreme Precipitation)