The U.S. House of Representatives voted Friday to reinstate tariffs on solar power imports from Cambodia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam, which supply most of the country’s supply of solar panels. 12 Democrats joined most Republicans to vote in favor of the Congressional Review Act measure to resume the tariff, though the White House has already promised to veto the move led by House Republicans, which can only be overcome by a two-thirds Senate majority vote. The White House had issued the tariff moratorium as a Commerce Department probe investigates whether solar companies have been getting around tariffs designed to raise prices on Chinese-made solar products.

Under the Trump administration, tariffs were placed on imported solar panels and cells, which affected the cost of solar energy in the United States. This move was controversial and sparked debate among policymakers, industry experts, and environmental advocates. The Trump administration’s tariffs on imported solar panels and cells were widely criticized, as they increased the cost of solar energy in the United States, making it less competitive with other forms of energy. (CNBC, Reuters, Roll Call, Electrek, E&E, Axios, Politico $)