Texas gas wells began to freeze Thursday as both temperatures and output dropped. The frigid temperatures in Texas, and Oklahoma, caused total U.S. gas extraction to fall by about 5%, according to BloombergNEF, and could take several days to recover. Gas system failures during the frigid winter storm almost one year ago were a major contributor to the catastrophic blackouts across Texas and state officials have backtracked in recent days over the readiness of the grid.

What is being called Winter Storm Landon knocked out power for more than 300,00 customers across the U.S. as of Friday morning. More than 50,000 Texas customers were without power Thursday, but the outages were caused by transmission problems like downed power lines, not by a lack of supply, as was the case last year. The freezing temperatures are expected to remain over Texas through Sunday. (Frozen gas wells: Bloomberg $; Storm and national outages: Gizmodo, Washington Post $, Axios, Washington Post PHOTOS $); Texas outages: ABC13, Black Wall Street Times; Texas grid: Axios; Climate Signals background: February 2021 polar vortex breakdown)