The climate migration is well underway, and it is the poorest and most vulnerable who do not have the resources or capacity to leave their homes. Climate stressors, like wildfires, heavy flooding, and sea level rise, put pressure on people to leave their homes and livelihoods behind. Nearly half of Americans who plan to move in the next year say extreme weather and heat influenced their decision to relocate, a Redfin survey found. Affordability is a major factor. According to Redfin, counties where many homes face high heat risk are less expensive on average, making it expensive to move away from the oppressive heat. “Climate change will definitely impact poorer people more than wealthier people,” Daryl Fairweather, Redfin’s chief economist. “Wealthier people can adapt. They can modify their homes to be more resilient … and they can also just pick up and move.” (CNBC)