The Ship It Zero coalition released analysis that finds container ships filled with goods imported by 18 major consumer brands generated 3.5 million metric tons of climate pollution, the equivalent of what roughly 750,000 gas-powered cars generate in a year. Walmart, Target and Home Depot accounted for most of this pollution while Nike was the worst offender among fashion companies. Roughly 90 percent of the world trade is transported by sea, and the global shipping industry accounts for 3% of global climate pollution – more than air travel. Container ship pollution also contributes to elevated rates of cancer and respiratory problems in port communities that are often communities of color. Report authors are calling for U.S. brands to demand their freight partners decarbonize by 2030, as a mix of zero-emissions container ships in development are scheduled to hit the high seas by 2025. (Grist, Canary Media, American Journal of Transportation, EcoWatch)