The Bureau of Land Management approved a major transmission line on Tuesday that will deliver wind-generated electricity from Wyoming to California. The 732-mile TransWest Express Transmission Project will carry power produced by the 600 wind turbines at the country’s largest onshore wind farm in Carbon County, Wyoming, to Las Vegas, NV, where existing transmission infrastructure will carry it into California.

The lack of transmission infrastructure is a major barrier to the integration of clean energy resources into the electrical grid, a struggle illustrated by the 18 years required for the project to navigate what TransWest COO Roxane Perruso described as a “spider web of jurisdiction.” “Wyoming wind is literally the best onshore wind resource in the nation, and Wyoming is a state known as an energy exporter,” Perruso told E&E. “Now Wyoming can export another energy resource to a market that needs it and expand the market for renewable energy in the West.” (E&E $, The Hill)