TV weather forecasters are increasingly connecting extreme weather to climate change, Time reports. The field of meteorology has been cautious about explicitly connecting individual events like heatwaves to climate change in their TV forecasts, in part because of the historic difficulty of attributing a single weather event to climate change in real-time. But major advances in climate attribution science and new tools are helping to change this.

Local TV meteorologists like Lena Arango, of Houston’s FOX26, for example, are using the Climate Shift Index developed by Climate Central to inform their audiences about how the weather is influenced by the larger context of climate change. “The temperatures we’re experiencing today are five times more likely [because of] climate change,” Arango told her viewers earlier this month. “No one experiences global mean temperature; we experience the weather,” Andrew Pershing, director of climate science at Climate Central, said of the tool. “We’re trying to make that connection really clear.” (TIME)