Increasingly frequent “false springs” could be driven by climate change, and are definitely threatening premier European wines. As the extraction and combustion of fossil fuels continues to heat and destabilize climate patterns, more frequent winter warm spells and spring frosts pose a serious threat to sensitive vines like those in parts of France where temperatures plummeted as much as 30°F (18°C) below normal over the weekend. Vintners like Thomas Ventoura, whose vineyards produce Chamblis, a very dry white only found  in the specific climate of the Yonne region of Burgundy, rushed to warm their vines with hundreds of candles. “Since 2016, there have been three big frosts,” Ventoura told Reuters. “We’re now starting to wonder about the future of our business at this time of the year.” (Reuters, Washington Post $, AP, The Drinks Business; Candles: TastingTable)