Renewable energy generation outpaced gas as the state’s primary source of electricity in the first quarter of 2022. Wind and solar produced more than 32 gigaWatt hours in Q1, compared to the 29.7 produced by power plants burning gas primarily made up of methane. Meanwhile, elected Republicans in the state are stepping up their efforts to punish financial firms seeking to reduce or eliminate their investments in the fossil fuel industry. More than 70% of Texas support taking action to address climate change — 71% said transitioning to clean, renewable energy should be a “top” or “important” priority for the state, in a Climate Nexus poll this February — but voter suppression and gerrymandered legislative districts minimize voters’ of color political power and entrench fossil fuel interests in elected offices, the Guardian reports. (Renewables > Gas: Houston Chronicle; ESG targeting: NPR, Bloomberg $; Voter suppression: The Guardian)