The coming winter will be the most “crucial” test of the European Union in its history, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in a speech on Saturday as European countries debate policies to mitigate soaring energy costs and rebuff Vladimir Putin’s efforts to blackmail them into easing sanctions by cutting off gas deliveries. U.S. officials worry some proposed interventions, like setting a limit on what buyers will pay for Russian oil, could hurt the European, and subsequently the U.S. economy by raising energy prices while German officials worry widespread use of space heaters could overload power grids.

The UN this morning urged EU states to avoid “backtracking” on efforts to expand energy efficiency and renewable energy, as Ukraine increases coal extraction to supply as much as 100,000 tons to neighboring Poland over the winter. (Zelenskyy: Politico EU;  EU policy considerations: The Guardian, Reuters, Wall Street Journal $, Politico EU, Reuters, Politico Pro $, Bloomberg $, Wall Street Journal $, AP explainer; German grid: Reuters, The Guardian; UN: AP; Ukraine coal: AP, Reuters; U.S. concerns: Washington Post $)