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One Small Town Plans for Climate Change

One of the most iconic landmarks in downtown Grants Pass, Oregon, is a 100-year-old sign that arcs over the main street with the phrase “It’s the Climate” scrawled across it.  To an outsider, it’s an odd slogan in this rural region, where comments about the climate – or rather, climate change – can be met withREAD MORE

buffalo climate refuge

Buffalo, NY: Your Climate Refuge

When Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, Maria Robles saw rainfall so severe that it punched a hole through her roof and flooded her home in San Juan. “We lost everything inside the house,” she said. “Everything, everything, everything.” The storm marked the beginning of a long journey that took her and her children from the conventionREAD MORE

Nathaniel Smith.

Eight Up-And-Coming Black Leaders in the Climate Movement

Every February, our country celebrates the contributions of African Americans. As Black History Month comes to a close, we look to the black leaders who are helping to write the next chapter in the American saga. Below, we highlight eight scientists, political activists and community organizers working to protect our country from carbon pollution and climateREAD MORE

people stand in Scene from Standing Rock

Officers Clash With ‘Water Protectors’ (VIDEO)

This video is part of a series about Standing Rock, North Dakota — the contested pipeline and the people fighting its construction. Nexus Media will be highlighting voices from the protests unfolding along the Missouri River. A law enforcement crackdown on protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline turned violent this weekend. Officers used tear gas, rubber bullets andREAD MORE

rising seas

Living Shorelines (VIDEO)

Next year, New York will break ground on the first section of a U-shaped wall around Lower Manhattan built to guard against the next Hurricane Sandy. Some believe so-called “gray” infrastructure projects like this one represent the future of climate resilience — imposing, impenetrable and decidedly humanmade. Others believe resilience should take on a greener hue. New OrleansREAD MORE

draw of a person breathing pollution

The Battle in Brandywine

The toxic refuse of coal- and gas-fired power plants targets black communities with alarming precision. It can be difficult to discern each link in the causal chain connecting a child’s asthma to the smokestack on the horizon, but the problem is real. Lacking a systemic solution, advocates are left to fight environmental injustice one arduous battleREAD MORE

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American Cities Keep Fighting Climate Change While Congress Stonewalls

Years of congressional inaction on climate change have prompted civic leaders to take matters into their own hands. “The feds have fumbled the ball, and I don’t think we need to be captive to the dysfunction that happens in D.C.,” Anchorage Mayor Ethan Berkowitz told reporters in Washington last month. Berkowitz belongs to the Compact of Mayors,READ MORE