author Josh Landis

Josh Landis

Director, Programming

Josh Landis is the head of Nexus Media and an award-winning journalist who’s reported for ABC News, CBS News, and the National Science Foundation. He is co-creator of the Emmy-nominated animated news series, The Fast Draw. His work has taken him across the US and as far away as the South Pole. Josh is also a photographer whose work has appeared in The New York Times, USA Today, The Los Angeles Times,, and other publications.

author Monika Sharma

Monika Sharma

Director, Creative Content

As Creative Content Director at Climate Nexus, Monika Sharma brings her extensive media and communications experience to the Nexus Media team, managing multiple streams of content and helping the brand reach its full potential. Monika previously led numerous issue-focused campaigns across MTV Network’s various media platforms. She is an avid yogini, francophile, and music fan, who is constantly inspired by her native New York.

author Briana Flin

Briana Flin

Video Editor/Producer

Briana Flin is a video editor and producer for Nexus Media News, where she covers environmental justice and climate change. Her work has appeared in outlets like The Atlantic, WIRED, Newsy, KQED, and Twin Cities PBS. Prior to joining the Nexus Media team, she was at WIRED, producing videos on everything from kinetic sculptures to praying mantises sporting 3D glasses. She’s a proud alumnus of the UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism and a Californian born-and-raised. After work, you can find her attempting to train her rambunctious rescue dog, baking treats, or rewatching Mad Men for the umpteenth time.