Reducing methane pollution is one of the fastest and most effective means of slowing global warming, along with cutting other climate-heating emissions, would substantially increase the odds of summer Arctic sea ice surviving through the end of the century, new research published in Environmental Research Letters finds. Nevertheless, the Department of Energy authorized more exports of so-called liquified natural gas from two major facilities. The Cheniere Energy terminals at Sabine Pass, Louisiana and Corpus Christi were previously only allowed to export LNG, which is mostly methane, to a limited number of countries that did not include Europe.

The decision was made despite concerns that increasing LNG exports to Europe would undermine the Biden administration’s climate goals, and are driving up home heating costs. A record number of LNG tankers are currently in the Gulf of Mexico loading or waiting to load. (Arctic ice: Axios; Methane Exports: Reuters, The Hill; Gulf tankers: Reuters)