A heatwave in New South Wales has caused millions of dead fish to wash up in the town of Menindee,  which suffered enormous fish kills during severe drought conditions three years ago. NSW officials said the fish deaths coincided with a heat wave that exacerbated low oxygen levels in the water as floods receded. Experts and government agencies warn that Australia will continue to see spikes in extreme heat as climate change worsens and global temperatures continue to rise. The scale of the current fish deaths has left residents in shock. “It’s horrific really, there’s dead fish as far as you can see,” Menindee resident Graeme McCrabb said. “The river is just white. I’m looking at probably a kilometer or a kilometer-and-a-half of fish and they’re all dead. It’s unfathomable.” (NBC News, CNN, The Guardian, BBC, Reuters, Al Jazeera, Fox News, TIME $)