New York City is suing three major oil companies and API for misleading consumers in violation of state consumer protection law. The lawsuit, filed Thursday in state court, is the latest in a drumbeat of litigation brought by states and municipalities across the country seeking to hold fossil fuel companies accountable for their contribution to climate change. Those cases also include suits brought by the state of Minnesota, Maui County, Annapolis, Md. alleging fossil fuel companies violated consumer protection safeguards by lying to their customers about the impact of their products on climate change.

New York City’s lawsuit says Exxon Mobil, Shell, and BP “falsely present themselves as corporate leaders in the fight against climate change” and falsely advertised their gas sold at New York City gas stations as “cleaner” and “emissions-reducing.” The suit also argues API “misleads NYC consumers by promoting fossil fuels as integral to ‘climate solutions’ without disclosing that fossil fuels are the primary cause of climate change.” (Reuters, CNN, Politico Pro $, Bloomberg $, E&E $, NY1, The Hill, Fortune)