The Biden administration and 11 East Coast governors announced a formal partnership to boost offshore wind energy on Thursday. The bipartisan collection of governors (which did not include Virginia’s), Biden, Interior Sec. Deb Haaland and other top administration officials, and labor leaders all met at the White House to discuss ways to boost the industry and expand employment in the sector. Expanding offshore wind is key to meeting the nation’s climate goals — Biden has set a target of 30GW of offshore wind production by 2030 — and building out a domestic supply chain will be crucial for the sector’s success. After the meeting, Biden touted offshore wind as “a real boost to our energy security.”

Energy Sec. Granholm also met with oil and gas companies, which are raking in record profits while American families are paying record prices for gasoline, on Thursday. (Wind: AP, Reuters, Politico Pro $, The Verge; Oil & Gas: Axios, CNN, Houston Chronicle, Reuters, Houston Chronicle)