This Wednesday, November 4th, the United States will officially exit the Paris Agreement, the international deal to limit global warming that the Obama administration helped broker. The withdrawal is the culmination of a process initiated by the Trump administration in 2017, and will take effect one day after Americans finish casting their votes. Initiatives like We Are Still In have mobilized leaders from U.S. cities, states, businesses, and more to maintain allegiance to the Paris Agreement over the last four years, but analysts have found that the U.S. federal government must be engaged in climate action for the world to conceivably limit warming to 1.5° Celsius. If the U.S. stays out of the agreement, it will become the only nation to sit on the sidelines as the rest of the world works together to tackle climate change. “The good news is the rest of the world stayed in the Paris agreement,” Pete Ogden, vice president of energy, climate and the environment at the United Nations Foundation, told The Washington Post. “It shows the buy-in the agreement has even in face of the Trump administration rejecting it.” (Washington Post $, AP, InsideClimate News, Grist, Mother Jones, Washington Examiner, NBC, Reuters; Climate Nexus Backgrounder: Paris Withdrawal FAQ)