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Faith Meets Stewardship on the Pilgrimage to Mecca

For Saffet Abid Catovic, being kind to the environment is an act of faith. It respects the example set by the Prophet Mohammad and those before him, Abraham and Ishmael, who, it is said, strove to find balance between humans and nature. So it seems fitting that Catovic and his family made a personal commitment toREAD MORE

Interfaith Leaders Bless Electric Vehicles (VIDEO)

On a recent Monday morning, Rabbi Abraham drove to Newark, New Jersey to bless some electric cars. He pulled into the lot behind Mt. Olivet Baptist Church, parked his Chevy Volt beside two Teslas and headed inside. It may sound unusual, but many faiths have ceremonies for blessing a vehicle. In Hinduism, a puja ceremony isREAD MORE

A Spiritual Reckoning is Coming for Trump’s Deregulatory Agenda

A coalition of faith leaders took to the steps of the Interior Department to ask Secretary Ryan Zinke to curb methane leaks at natural gas drilling sites. Notably, the group included a representative of the evangelical community, which is very supportive of President Trump. “What the Department of the Interior is doing is, from my vantageREAD MORE

Climate Change, Colonialism and Christianity

Under the leadership of Pope Francis, the Catholic Church has become a powerful voice for action on climate change, while Catholic leaders from vulnerable countries have emerged as some of the issue’s greatest evangelists. Recently, Cardinal John Ribat of Papua New Guinea, visited the United States to meet with members of Congress about the carbon crisis.READ MORE

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Why Faith Communities Might Be Our Best Hope for Fighting Climate Change

Asit turns out, the faith community may have a marked advantage when it comes to dealing with global warming. According to University of British Columbia social psychologist and author Ara Norenzayan, religion primes cooperation. In his work, Norenzayan has found religious societies to be more cooperative than non-religious societies — particularly where a group’s survival is threatened. “ParticipationREAD MORE