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Last Year Saw Record GHG Level

Atmospheric levels of the three most important greenhouse gasses were higher in 2023 than they have ever been since the dawn of human civilization, according to a NOAA report released Friday. Last

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Human Feces In Charleston After Rain

Human feces float through avid gardener Nell Postell's yard when it rains particularly hard, and it's a problem that will likely only get worse as the climate crisis worsens, Inside Climate News

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Above average hurricane season predicted

An early forecast of the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season predicts an extremely active season. The predictions, released Thursday by the Colorado State University hurricane forecasting team, include 23 named storms, 11 hurricanes,

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Data necessary to evaluate pipeline safety

The industry-commissioned formula for estimating the blast radius of methane gas pipelines is likely insufficient to protect people from an explosion, a government watchdog warns, but federal regulators aren't collecting the data

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Sex Work For Survival

Indonesian trans women engaged in survival sex work are especially hurt by climate change as longer rainy seasons increasingly prevent them from making a living and expose them to greater violence, Context

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Mini-grids bring energy, jobs to Turkana

Turkana County in northwest Kenya endured malicious neglect by colonial powers and now sits on the frontlines of a climate crisis, Atmos reports. British colonizers described Turkana as "the most worthless district

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Shell appeals 2021 court ruling

Shell's appeal of a Dutch court order to dramatically slash its climate pollution by 2030 kicked off Tuesday, with the oil major simultaneously arguing the world still needs fossil fuels and that

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Musk Pushing Away Tesla Buyers

Elon Musk's racism, anti-semitism and volatility are pushing away potential Tesla buyers, a new report shows. Caliber, a market research firm, says the number of people who would "consider" buying a Tesla

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Stories help kids, parents cope after disasters

Children's books with stories about climate-fueled are becoming important tools for helping children cope with their traumatic experiences, E&E reports. The stories, experts say, can help strengthen the mental and emotional resilience

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Heat domes slower, worse

Climate change is making heatwaves not only hotter, but effectively longer-lasting and larger in size, thus impacting more people, a new study finds. The research, published Friday in Science Advances, revealed heat

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New Gas Plants Unnecessary — Report

Increasing electricity demand can likely be met without building new gas-fired power plants, according to a new report from Energy Innovation. The report also warns utilities' "panicked rush" to build new methane

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Premium Wine Threatened By Climate Change

A much as 70% of the world's wine-growing regions, from Spain, Italy, and Greece to southern California, will become potentially or completely incapable of producing high-end wine if global temperatures rise more

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BLM Rule on Fed. Lands Methane

The Biden administration released a finalized rule to crack down on methane pollution from oil and gas operations on federal and tribal lands on Tuesday. The rule, announced by the Bureau of

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Sunrise Wind Project Approved

The Biden administration announced on Tuesday its approval for a 924-megawatt offshore wind project that will power approximately 320,000 New York homes when it comes online in 2026. The Sunrise Wind project,

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Community Groups Connect Need, Resources

Community groups in Harrisonburg, Virginia, are collaborating to connect low-income residents with to help improve home energy efficiency, Energy News Network reports. The Climate Action Alliance of the Valley is working to

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Free Speech Defended Against Elon Musk

A federal judge threw out Elon Musk's lawsuit against the Center For Countering Digital Hate, which documented the increase of racist, antisemitic, and extremist content on the website formerly known as Twitter

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Gas companies betting on LNG

Major international bank Santander claimed it would stop financing oil and gas fracking, then invested millions in exporting methane gas from the U.S. Gulf Coast, report Grist and The Bureau of Investigative

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Drought and AI Expansion Threaten Mex. Water

Artificial Intelligence infrastructure is exacerbating climate-fueled water shortages across Latin America as the water- and energy-hungry technology proliferates there, Mongabay reports. Not only do the computer chips needed for AI operations require

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Model Building Codes Undermined by Gas

The board of directors of the nonprofit group that issues model building codes used across the U.S., at the behest of fossil fuel-linked industry groups, took highly unusual, last-minute action to strip

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Standards for Autos Efficiency Updated

The Biden administration announced new passenger vehicle fuel economy standards on Wednesday. The EPA estimates the updated standards will prevent more than 7 billion tons of carbon pollution and accrue almost $100

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Oil and gas companies deride transition

Oil executives enjoying massive profits derided efforts to transition away from the fossil fuels pushing the climate crisis to record-smashing levels as "visibly failing" and a "fantasy" at the CERAWeek conference in

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Maple Syrup Farmers Branching Out

Warming winters are pushing maple syrup farmers to branch out and tap new trees for different syrups, the Boston Globe reports. As climate change, mainly caused by the extraction and combustion of

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Polluted Air Nearly Global

The vast majority of the world's people breathe dangerously polluted air, an analysis compiled by the Swiss firm IQAir reveals. Of the 134 nations for which sufficient data were available, just seven

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Wood Pellet Tax Breaks On Table

The Biden administration is weighing whether to award renewable energy tax breaks under the Inflation Reduction Act to a power source worse for the climate than burning coal, Inside Climate News reports.

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Water Shortages and Heat

Most of Brazil was on a heat alert this weekend, as heat indices reached as high as 140°F. An ocean away, South Sudan is closing its schools in advance of an extreme,

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