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LNG Buildout Could Lock In Pollution

Europe's frantic race to build LNG infrastructure will lock in massive climate pollution for decades, leave billions of euros and dollars in stranded assets, or both, a new Greenpeace report warns. The

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Sinkholes Raise Questions in Texas

Old questions are rising as the ground around oil and gas operations is sinking in Texas oil and gas country, E&E reports. Four sinkholes have developed in the 1.48 square-mile town of

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Record Heat Stresses N. Hemisphere Grids

Record heat across Europe and Asia augurs peril for electrical grids across the Northern Hemisphere. Portugal, Spain, and Morocco all broke April heat records on Thursday, with Córdoba, in south-central Spain, breaking

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Carlyle Heavily Invested In Fossil Fuels

Private equity powerhouse The Carlyle Group's portfolio was responsible for as much climate pollution from 2011-2021 as ConocoPhillips' Willow Arctic oil project will emit over its lifetime, a new report from Private

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Upper Mississippi And California Flooding

Residents along the Upper Mississippi River are scrambling to protect or flee their homes ahead of potentially record-breaking floods. The heavy snowpack in northern Minnesota is melting rapidly, forcing residents of Campbell,

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Condominium Evacuated in South Florida

Residents of yet another South Florida condominium were forced to quickly evacuate on Tuesday after an engineering inspection raised "serious concerns" about the building's structural integrity. The 63-year-old Majestic Isle condominium in

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Snowmelt Fuels Flooding

Wide swaths of the West and Midwest are, or are threatened with, flooding driven by snowmelt. A heatwave set to descend on the West Coast this week is expected to rapidly accelerate

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Goldman Prize Winners Announced

Six activists from around the world were awarded the Goldman Environmental Prize, often known as the "Green Nobel Prize," on Monday. Alessandra Korap Munduruku, a leader of the Munduruku Indigenous people in

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North Sea Cooperation on OSW

Nine European countries announced plans to both expand and increase interconnection between renewable energy generation on and around the North Sea on Monday. The various projects, including building offshore windfarms and developing

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White House EJ Office Created

President Biden on Friday signed an executive order creating a new Office of Environmental Justice (OEJ) within the White House Council on Environmental Quality. The EO directs federal agencies to work closer

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Power Plants Rule To Come From EPA

The EPA is preparing to announce new rules requiring the elimination or capture of greenhouse gas pollution from coal- and gas-fired power plants. Power plants are the source of about one-quarter of

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Eugene, Ore., Target Of AGA Campaign

Audio recordings obtained by the Washington Post reveal the American Gas Association plans to spend $4 million dollars on a campaign to overturn a Eugene, Oregon, electrification ordinance, in what the industry

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Food Insecurity Widespread In Madagascar

Wide swaths of Madagascar face catastrophic food insecurity following the one-two-three punch of cyclones in about a year, the AP reports. Cyclone Batsirai slammed the island in February 2022, followed two weeks

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Record-Breaking Year of Climate Chaos in ’22

Last year's climate-fueled disasters really were that bad, the UN World Meteorological Organization confirmed this morning. The concurrent droughts, flooding, heat, and wildfires and the knock-on effects they cause, all represent the

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Heat Breaks Records Across Asia

At least one-third of people on Earth are currently experiencing record-breaking heat. The "worst April heat wave in Asian history," per climatologist and weather historian Maximiliano Herrera, spans more than 12 countries

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Texas Insurance Crisis Grows

Property insurers in Texas are increasingly at risk of insolvency and some are pulling out of the market altogether, potentially forcing property owners across the state to pay for damages if another

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Saudi Arabia, UAE Buying Russian Oil

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates are buying Russian oil products, the Wall Street Journal reports. The countries are using the deeply-discounted Russian oil for domestic consumption and refining, thus boosting

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Taxes Disrupted by Climate Disasters

Systemic inequities and racism contribute to compoundingly disparate impacts of climate-fueled disasters. Racist policy decisions to underinvest in communities of color leave them especially vulnerable to extreme and climate-fueled weather disasters. “I

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G7 Communique Still Promotes Gas

Leaders from the world's seven largest economies pledged to accelerate the clean energy transition on Sunday, but failed to set a timetable for ending new coal and methane gas investments. Ahead of

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Fort Lauderdale Submerged by Heavy Rain

A record-obliterating storm deluged the Fort Lauderdale area on Wednesday, triggering dangerous floods, knocking out power for the city's main hospital, shutting down a major airport, and turning streets into rivers. The

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Louisiana Gas Leaks

Louisiana oil and gas wells wasted more than 27 billion cubic feet of planet-heating methane into the atmosphere — more than 80% of it from leaks — in 2019, a new Synapse

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Flash Droughts Fueled by Climate Change

Climate change is making droughts hit harder and faster, giving farmers even less time to prepare, a study published Thursday in Science finds. In addition to the impacts on regular droughts, so-called

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Shareholder Resolutions Will Face Opposition

As annual shareholder meetings approach, public companies are expected to face a record number of environment- and climate-related shareholder resolutions, but major firms are pushing back against them, Bloomberg reports. Approximately 30%

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Compound Impacts Up California Threats

California's record-breaking, building-crushing snowpack threatens to bring dangerous flooding to California's Central Valley in the near-term and through the rest of the year — dangers exacerbated by recent wildfires and illustrative of

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Ember Report Outlines Qualified Optimism

Wind and solar energy accounted for the vast majority in new electricity demand worldwide, limiting global climate pollution growth from the power sector even as coal-fired generation rose slightly, Ember's annual Global

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Colorado River Cuts Posited by DOI

Following western states' continued failure to reach agreement on how to reduce their water usage, the Biden administration outlined three options for addressing the Colorado River crisis on Tuesday — none of

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Pollution Limits for Cars Proposed by EPA

The Biden administration on Tuesday proposed new rules to dramatically reduce pollution from vehicles ranging from passenger cars to semi trucks. The new safeguards, which will be publicly announced today, would require

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Transmission Infrastructure Approved by BLM

The Bureau of Land Management approved a major transmission line on Tuesday that will deliver wind-generated electricity from Wyoming to California. The 732-mile TransWest Express Transmission Project will carry power produced by

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OIRA Revamp Released

The White House released the first proposed overhaul of how the government evaluates proposed regulations on Thursday, suggesting changes to the regulatory process not updated in at least 20 years. The new

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Black Lawmakers expelled from Tenn. leg.

Tennessee Republicans voted to expel two Black lawmakers — but not one white representative — from the state legislature in an unprecedented act of partisan retaliation for disrupting proceedings during a protest

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Big Utilities May Sell Gas Pipelines

Efforts to electrify homes are driving Dominion Energy and National Grid, two of the country's largest utilities, to consider selling off some of the methane gas pipelines, the Wall Street Journal reports.

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Ice Sheets Can Melt Way Faster

New research shows an ice sheet over what is now Norway melted as much as 2,000 feet in one day about 15,000 years ago — far faster than scientists had ever previously

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