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landscape photo of windmill on grass field
Guterres Calls For For Clean Energy Cooperation

UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres called for countries to fast-track infrastructure and eliminate bureaucratic barriers to expanding clean energy adoption, Wednesday, as the international body issued an alarming report. Guterres also described,

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100 dollar bill
Tesla Booted From ESG List

The S&P 500 index removed Tesla from its list of companies succeeding on ESG issues over allegations of racial discrimination and poor working conditions at it's primary factory in the U.S. Meta,

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a candle lighting the darkness
Terrorist Kills 10 In Buffalo, NY

A domestic terrorist shot and killed 10 people in Buffalo, New York, Saturday. The white gunman intentionally traveled to a predominantly Black neighborhood and sought to kill as many Black people as

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Jacobabad Hits 122°F, Birds Fall From Sky

The oppressive heatwave blanketing India and Pakistan is, if anything, getting worse. Jacobabad, Pakistan, hit 122°F (50°C) on Friday. "It's like fire burning all around," Shafi Mohammad, who lives on the outskirts

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pipeline valves
LNG Exports Driving Up Gas Prices

A gas industry official admitted gas exports are contributing to high energy prices for American families and businesses, Politico reports. “LNG exports are a factor contributing to today’s natural gas pricing,” American

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wildfire on hills during the night
Fires Already Incinerating Southwestern US

Tinder-dry vegetation, and wind, are fueling extraordinary wildfires across the Southwest, auguring danger in a region suffering its worst drought in 1,200 years. Climate change, mainly caused by the extraction and combustion

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oil derrick pump in sepia
Fossil Fuel Firms Planning 195 Carbon Bombs

Fossil fuel companies are planning nearly 200 "carbon bomb" projects that would push the climate past international limits, causing catastrophic global disasters, the Guardian reports. The 195 projects, defined by research published

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The sun is setting behind an oil drilling platform
Cooking The Books, Cooking The Planet

Oil and gas companies are increasingly using mergers and acquisitions to offload emissions from their own balance sheets as a way to meet corporate climate targets without actually reducing emissions, according to

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Grid power lines view from below
Heatwaves, Drought Threaten Blackouts

Grid operators are warning summer heatwaves will cause rolling blackouts across the country, the Wall Street Journal reports. Concerns are especially high in California where heat waves drive electricity demand, drought threatens

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Mango Farmers Threatened By Extreme Heat

The extreme heat scorching India and Pakistan is imperiling mango crops, the Gaon Connection reports. The deadly, months-long heatwave is also threatening wheat harvests in the region at a particularly crucial time

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pipelines full of mud rust
Virginia Pipeline Even Later and More Expensive

The beleaguered Mountain Valley Pipeline project will be even more expensive and further behind schedule, the project's developers told analysts Tuesday. The controversial, already delayed and over-budget 303-mile pipeline would carry fracked

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