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Unimpressive Green Climate Fund Showing

Global pledges intended to spur investment in developing countries for climate solutions and resilience fell short of their target this week, prompting criticism from nongovernmental groups about the powerful countries most responsible

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Wyoming Gives Up Federal Cash

Wyoming will pass up the chance to apply for roughly $5 million in federal money to plug certain kinds of oil and gas wells. The Inflation Reduction Act gives states around $350

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The Pope Has Strong Opinions:

Pope Francis has once again weighed in on climate change—this time condemning climate deniers and lambasting “irresponsible” Western lifestyles that contribute to carbon emissions. In a 7,000-word letter issued Wednesday—a format known

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NIMBYism Isn’t For Everyone

Most Americans are just fine with living near renewable energy projects, a new poll finds. A Washington Post-University of Maryland poll released Tuesday finds that 75% of Americans would be comfortable living

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Arizona Ends Lease With Saudi Farm

The state of Arizona will no longer allow a farm owned by a Saudi Arabian company to freely pump groundwater from beneath state land, Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs announced Tuesday. Fondomonte Arizona,

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Microplastics Are Literally Everywhere

It’s getting harder and harder to avoid plastics. In a study published in Environmental Chemistry Letters last month, scientists in Japan documented how they collected water from clouds at the top of

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NYC Revs Up Composting

New York City’s composting program is set to significantly expand this week, as 2.6 million people in Brooklyn now have a way to dispose of food scraps and yard waste after city

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Humans push Earth into critical condition

Human-driven activities have pushed Earth into the “danger zone” for planetary health, according to research that seeks to understand how far people can stress the limits of the world’s ability to handle

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Climate deniers coming for your kids

As if the fear of rampaging gunmen or fights to ban books about people of color, LGBTQ+ families, or basic human functions aren’t enough of a distraction for U.S. children as they return to schools this

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98% Of Humanity Felt The Heat

Nearly every person on planet Earth experienced hotter temperatures this summer because of climate change, a new peer-reviewed report from Climate Central finds. Almost 8 billion people across 180 countries and 22

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Hurricane Lee Becomes Cat 5 Monster

Hurricane Lee exploded into an extremely powerful Category 5 hurricane on Thursday and is expected to strengthen into one of the strongest Atlantic Hurricanes on record — if not the strongest ever.

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Crop Insurance Costs Increase

Climate change is a major factor driving soaring federal farm insurance payouts over the last two decades, with the vast majority of those payouts going to the country's biggest farms using fuel-

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Biden Issues New Alaska Drilling Protections

The Biden Administration canceled seven oil and gas leases in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and strengthened safeguards against oil drilling across more than 10 million acres of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska.

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Pakistan Epicenter of Climate Crises

The lingering, insidious impacts of the catastrophic, the climate-fueled flooding that submerged one-third of Pakistan in the summer of 2022, illustrate the degree to which countries worldwide are unprepared for the multifaceted

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Schools Close Due To Heat

More than 60 million people across the U.S. from Dallas to Burlington, Vermont, are under heat alerts as more extreme heat stifles the country. “Simply put, the next several days will be

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LNG By Rail Regs Shelved

Federal regulators shelved a Trump-era plan to allow transporting LNG by rail. More time is required to assess the safety concerns raised by transporting such flammable cargo, the Pipelines and Hazardous Materials

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African Climate Summit Opens

As African leaders meet in Nairobi to discuss how the continent and its 1.3 billion people should engage on a climate crisis of which they are bearing disproportionate harm but did little

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ERCOT Asks Custormers To Keep Grid Up

The Texas electricity grid has kept running this summer through an unrelenting heatwave, but it's largely thanks to families and businesses curtailing their electricity usage, and no thanks to the unusual and

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Project Canary CEO Replaced With Brother

The CEO of a startup claiming to assess and certify less-climate-damaging oil and gas extraction is stepping down. Denver-based Project Canary claims to monitor the climate-heating pollution released by methane gas operations

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Gulf Offshore Wind Auction

The first ever lease sale for offshore wind production in the Gulf of Mexico was met with modest interest on Tuesday, but could nevertheless be an inflection point for the clean energy

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Life Expectancy Cut By Air Pollution

Simply breathing polluted air is more harmful to global human health than using tobacco, according to new data released by the Air Quality Life Index (AQLI) of the University of Chicago’s Energy

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Florida Gulf Coast In Idalia’s Path

Less than a year after Hurricane Ian hammered Florida's Gulf Coast, the region is bracing for another potentially major hurricane. Hurricane Idalia (pronounced ee-DAL-ya) was off the western tip of Cuba with

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Exxon Says World Won’t Hit Paris Goals

Exxon Mobil predicts average global temperatures will increase 2°C above preindustrial levels by 2050, the oil major with a well-documented history of accurately predicting and publicly denying the science of climate change

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Strike Threat Roils LNG Markets

Unionized workers at Chevron's two major Australian LNG plants will begin progressively disruptive work stoppages on September 7, their unions said Monday. The Gorgon and Wheatstone export plants account for 5% to

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