The Biden administration announced new passenger vehicle fuel economy standards on Wednesday. The EPA estimates the updated standards will prevent more than 7 billion tons of carbon pollution and accrue almost $100 billion in additional benefits, including preventing as many as 2,500 premature deaths every year. Gasoline-powered cars emit about one-fifth of the country’s total climate pollution. The final rule requires EVs to make up 67% of all new passenger vehicles and light trucks (including full-size pickups) by 2032 but would allow car companies to comply if their 2032 fleet includes 56% EVs and 13% plug-in hybrids — that flexibility, along with a delayed EV ramp-up, comes after extensive negotiations with the UAW.

“The bottom line is that the administration is caving to pressure from big oil, big auto and the dealers to stall progress on EVs and now allow more pollution from cars,” Dan Becker of the Center for Biological Diversity told the AP.

EDF head Amanda Leland said the new EPA rule “will slash climate pollution and air pollution” and “bring more savings for consumers and a healthier future for our children.” EDF Action, on Wednesday, announced it would formally oppose Donald Trump’s presidential campaign. (AP, Washington Post $, Politico, New York Times $, Politico Pro $, E&E $, The Hill, Grist, Axios, CNN, FT $, LA Times $, Politico Pro $, Heatmap $, E&E $, Politico Pro $, NBC, CBS)