sunset in the woods
Tongass National Forest Protections Restored
Crime police tape
Illegal Fishing Kingpin Arrested For Brazil Murders
solar panels over a tile roof
Rooftop Solar Key To Improving Puerto Rico Grid
pipeline junction
Gas Pipeline Explosion Formula To Be Reevaluated
sunset in the woods
‘Wood Banks’ Provide Critical Heat As Gas Prices Spike
polar bear huntin
Polar Bear Attacks Could Be More Likely As Climate Warms
words on a block with newspapers
Leadup to and During COP27 Saw $3 Million+ in Fossil Fuel Ads
gas stove flame
Brunekreef: Gas Stoves Study Being Cherry-Picked
Crime police tape
‘Cop City’ Protester Shot and Killed by Cops
Ice Glacier sheer wall
Greenland Warmest Since Before Norman Invasion Of England
pipeline valves
Gas Futures Rise As Gas Flows To Freeport LNG
palm trees blowing with the hurricane wind
Philippines Flooding Causes ‘State of Calamity’
a candle lighting the darkness
Midnight Mission: Cal. Death Toll Omits Unhoused People
Picture of the Capitol building on dollar bills
Taxpayers Could Lose $700 Million From Anti-ESG Policies
refinery pipes
ExxonMobil Accurately Predicted Climate Change
Grid power lines view from below
Power Generators Failed During Christmas Freeze
Destruct backhoe rubble
Changing Climate Fueled 18 Billion Dollar Disasters in 2022
blue flames from a gas stove in the dark
Propane Industry Group Paying Influencers To Shill For Gas
two men workin on a car at a factory
Transportation Sector Pollution Targeted By 4 Agencies
black man with fist up during protest
EPA Seeks Applications For $100 Million In EJ Grants
blue flames from a gas stove in the dark
CPSC Could Ban Gas Stoves Over Health Dangers
smoke stacks at dusk
EPA Lays Out Possible New Soot Pollution Limits
flood: pushing a boat on a street
People With Disabilities Are Far Worse Off After Disasters
Drought cracked ground
Kariba Dam Water, Power Output Fall Even Lower