hurricane over sea view from space
Puerto Rico Hammered By Fiona, Entire Grid Down
hurricane view from space
Alaska Hit By ‘Meteorologically Perfect Storm’
landscape photo of windmill on grass field
Floating Offshore Wind Target Set By Biden
black lives matter cardboard sign
Formosa Plastics Permit Thrown Out By Judge on EJ Grounds
water level depth meter in river
Rainfall in Pakistan Likely Worsened by Warming
rail train tracks
Freight Rail Cos. Could Shut Down Oil, Gas Deliveries
Drought cracked ground
East Africa On Brink Of Famine As Drought Persists
Drought cracked ground
Farmers in Peru Rehab Pre-Columbian Dams Amid Water Shortage
100 dollar bill
Private Equity Gets Failing Grades On Climate Risk Exposure
water level depth meter in river
Pakistan Flooding Death Toll Increases As Long-Term Damage Looms
UN Flag flying in the wind
Human Rights Watch Raises Alarm Ahead Of COP27
Bus Stops in L.A. Largely Unprotected From Sun
pipeline junction
Pipeline Company Trespassing on Native Land — Judge
black lives matter cardboard sign
EPA Investigator General To Probe Jackson Water Crisis
flood: pushing a boat on a street
Mental Health Toll Of Climate Disasters Mounts
pipeline junction
Zelenskyy Calls Winter ‘Crucial’ for EU
Hate Speech Increases Online With Extreme Temps
Tipping Points Loom Due To Failure To Cut Climate Pollution
black kid holding a bullhorn during protest
Side Deal Easing Way For Pipelines Slammed By Frontline Groups
laboratory with microscope, flasks and test tubes
UK’s new energy chief is a climate denier
smoke stacks at dusk
Cheniere Request to Emit More Formaldehyde is Denied
epic Antarctic iceberg
Thwaites Glacier Capable Of Existentially-Rapid Retreat
Grid power lines view from below
Electricity Demand Breaks Records, but not Cal. Grid
view of grid power lines during sunset
Power Grid (Barely) Survives California’s Weekend
big pipeline closeup image
Russia Shuts Off Nord Stream Gas Indefinitely
an American flag
White House Climate and Energy Staffing Changes
Human Body Under Threat By Extreme Cal. Heat
Philadelphia to San Diego: Heat Disrupts Schools
Picture of the Capitol building on dollar bills
Government Estimates Of Carbon Pollution Cost Far Too Low
black man during a protest standing on top of a car
Justice Absent From Indiana EV Plan, Groups Say
Destruct Firefighters hoses
Wildland Firefighters, Grid Strained By Heat, Fires
water level depth meter in river
Whiplash, Waterborne Disease Hit Pakistan
Grid power lines view from below
Strain on California Grid to Increase with Heatwave
voting buttons
Peltola Will Be First Alaska Native In Congress
a candle lighting the darkness
Border Crossing More Deadly Due To Climate Change
dead fish in polluted water
Drinking Water Shortage in Jackson, Mississippi
landscape photography of blue solar panels
First Solar To Invest $1.2 Billion In US Manufacturing
two peak iceberg
Global Average Sea Levels Will Rise 10″ From Greenland Melt
a candle lighting the darkness
Isle de Jean Charles, And Its People, Struggle To Survive