Drought cracked ground
Skull Discovered in Drought-Lowered Minnesota River
landscape photo of windmill on grass field
Guterres Calls For For Clean Energy Cooperation
sunset in the woods
Moose Calves Wiped Out By Ticks, Climate Change in Maine
South Asian Heatwave Likely Made 100x More Likely By Climate Change
a candle lighting the darkness
Deaths From Pollution Stayed Steady at 9 million From 2015-’19
refinery flare at night
Europe Aims To Cut Russian Fossil Fuel Dependence
Drought cracked ground
Hydropower Threatened by Drought in Western US
smoke stacks at dusk
Research Confirms Needs and Benefits of Cutting Fossil Fuels
black lives matter cardboard sign
Texas Plans Racist Disaster Funding, Grid Survives (May) Heatwave
flood gauge
South Africa Floods Made Twice As Likely By Climate Change
ocean surface waves
Poseidon Desalination Plant Rejected by Calif. Board
ocean coral reef with scuba in the background
Bleaching hit 91% of Great Barrier Reef, 4th Event In 7 Years
a candle lighting the darkness
Report Scratches Surface Of Children Killed At U.S. ‘Boarding Schools’
flood gauge
Climate Driving Children In Bangladesh To Drop Out Of School
Group of students protest lying down on the staircase
Pregnancy Health, Legal Risks Worsened by Fossil Fuels, Abortion Bans
huge hurricane view from space
Basically A Coin Flip Whether Earth Hits 1.5°C In Next Five Years — WMO
Ice Glacier sheer wall
Glacier Dam Overwhelmed by South Asian Heatwave
men holding solar panels
Puerto Rico Town Stayed Cool In Blackout Thanks To Solar Power
palm trees blowing with the hurricane wind
Doula Collective Fills Post-Disaster Gaps In System Failing Parents
landscape photo of windmill on grass field
Labor, Ørsted Announce Offshore Wind Agreement
fists up during a protest on a bridge
Environmental Justice Announcements From Biden Administration
Grid-power lines_xing
Utility Executives, Shareholders Got Payouts, Customers Lose Power
Picture of the Capitol building on dollar bills
Oil Industry Money Paved Way For Anti-Choice SCOTUS
pipelines full of mud rust
Virginia Pipeline Even Later and More Expensive
Courts-blind justice statue
Established Precedent, Bodily Autonomy No Longer Safe
Drought cracked ground
Unprecedented — Feds Hold Water in Lake Powell for Hydro Generation
wildfire on hills during the night
New Mexico Wildfires Continue To Burn, Gov. Requests Fed. Assistance