Tropical Storm Ana has killed at least 88 people across three southern African nations. At least 48 are dead in Madagascar after landslides triggered by torrential rain destroyed buildings or simply washed them away. Another 20 people have been officially reported dead in both Mozambique and Malawi. “I lost my fishing boat, it was swept away by the strong wind,” Abdul Ibrahim, a fisherman in Mozambique’s Nampula province, told AFP (per BBC). “I have never seen anything like this before. It will be difficult for me to recover.”

Storms have repeatedly hammered the region in recent months and years and, Ana “is a blunt reminder that the climate crisis is very much a reality,” Maria Luisa Fornara, a UNICEF Representative in Mozambique, told reporters. Another storm is threatening to build in the Indian Ocean in the coming days. (Reuters, BBC, Washington Post $, Democracy Now, The Guardian, CNN, Al Jazeera, ABC; Climate Signals background: Cyclonic storms)