The American Petroleum Institute, the largest oil and gas industry lobbying group, is spending millions to influence the upcoming election, Reuters reports. That spending includes a focus on social media ads targeted toward 25-to-34-year-olds worried about how much natural gas is driving climate change. API’s Facebook spending alone shot up six-fold after Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced a $2 trillion plan to transition the American economy away from fossil fuels, including natural gas. According to climate scientists, gas is emerging as a major driver of global climate change, due to the massive scale of carbon pollution that results from its combustion, as well as from methane pollution, which traps far more heat than CO2, that occurs during its extraction and transportation. API is also concerned the Trump administration’s recent rollbacks of methane regulations and leak detection requirements will undo its multiyear, multimillion efforts to promote gas as a clean source of energy. (Reuters; Methane rollback worries: New York Times $)