The Caribbean Climate Justice Alliance, launched recently to amplify vulnerable voices and communities in the region, Loop reports. The CCJA is the product of a regional coalition and grassroots movement of leading civil society organizations, academia, creatives and other non-state actors to transform policy and practice and catalyze action for climate justice and a just transition in the Caribbean.

“Climate justice has to be a fight against injustice. At the international level, where we as Caribbean islands contribute the least but have to carry the heaviest burden and suffer the largest impact,” said Yves Renard, regional coordinator, Panos Caribbean. “At the national and local level, it’s about the disproportionate impact on certain communities and livelihoods. It is also intergenerational – if we compromise the future of the next generation, then it is unfair and it has the right to claim justice.” The alliance is working to develop and implement a collective advocacy agenda, setting out the priority areas and actions to promote climate justice in the region. (Loop)