Climate change is leading to a spike in cases of deadly, flesh-eating bacteria as warming temperatures, sea level rise, and storm surges move the Vibrio strains further north and further inland. For example, cases nearly doubled in the Chesapeake Region between 2007 and 2019, with over a thousand people infected in Maryland and Virginia, while there has been a startling 490 increase in cases in Pennsylvania. Nationally, the cases have doubled in the last 11 years and is a growing threat to people who swim and work in the coastal waters. An investigation by Columbia Journalism Investigations, McClatchy Newspapers and the Center for Public Integrity has found that state and county health departments are ill-prepared and reticent to recognize growing climate health problem posed by these flesh-eating bacteria. Center for Disease Control and Prevention data shows that every year about 1,200 Americans fall ill from the various Vibrio species while it estimates that the actual caseload could be up to 66 times higher than reported. Studies also show that Vibrio cases can grow exponentially after hurricanes. (Center for Public IntegrityCharlotte ObserverMotherJonesThe StateNew York Post)