Florida police with guns drawn raided the home of a scientist who has publicly criticized the state’s COVID-19 response. Data scientist Rebekah Jones studied climate change, storms, and weather disasters before working on COVID-19. She was fired in May in, she claims, retaliation for her refusal to manually alter data in Florida’s COVID-19 dashboard to make it appear the state was closer to hitting its reopening targets than it actually was. Jones filed a whistleblower complaint against the health department in July, and directly accused Gov. Ron DeSantis of “sen[ding] the gestapo” to intimidate “scientists who do their job honestly.” The police were executing a search warrant for an investigation into whether Jones improperly accessed a messaging system for state public health and medical services workers for which all authorized users use the same username and password. After she was fired, Jones set up an independent Florida COVID-19 dashboard. That website is still up. (Tallahassee Democrat, Washington Post $, CNN, USA Today, WESH-2)