Native youth are drawing attention to the parallels between the colonial violence of early European conquistadors and modern oil and gas operations in what is now Texas. Those participating in the Bridge to the Ancestors Youth Walk, organized by the Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribe of Texas, will travel by foot from the Monahans Sand Hills into the Big Bend, passing numerous significant sites and numerous oil and gas operations along the way.

A group of Lakota youth also traveled to Texas to “run[] in solidarity with the Carrizo/Comecrudo relatives … to help carry on the traditions, spirituality, and to protect their sacred sites,” Lakota runner Danny Grassrope told deceleration. “We feel that it is very important that the indigenous communities across Turtle Island stand together to continue to protect our ways of life,” Grassrope added.

“[Spanish explorers and conquistadors] took the silver, the gold, whatever they could,” Carrizo/Comecrudo Tribal Chair Juan Mancias told deceleration. “It’s not right for a few nerds that run [Energy Transfer Partners], and Exxon, and Next Decade to decide what’s better for us. Because they don’t know. Because all of the stuff that’s coming out of here is still going overseas, just like all the gold and the silver.” (deceleration)