The Welsh village of Llanwddyn is the latest submerged settlement to be revealed by falling water levels as Europe’s worst drought in centuries continues to parch the region. Residents of Llanwddyn were displaced in the 1880s by the Liverpool Corporation Waterworks to make way for a reservoir for that rapidly growing industrial city. The then-submerged village has only been exposed once before, by a drought in 1976, and the current drought has caused water levels in the reservoir to drop to just 60% of capacity compared to the 90% of the reservoir that should be filled at this time of year. Earlier this year, a Bronze Age city in Iraq was also revealed and excavated when the Mosul reservoir fell due to extreme drought and human remains have been exposed by falling Lake Mead water levels in the U.S. (Llanwddyn: The Guardian, Shropshire Star, The Mirror; Climate Signals background: Drought)