Europe’s frantic race to build LNG infrastructure will lock in massive climate pollution for decades, leave billions of euros and dollars in stranded assets, or both, a new Greenpeace report warns. The “irrational” buildout includes a total of 40 new LNG import terminals that have been approved or are in the pipeline across the EU since Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022 — corresponding to 950 million tons of carbon pollution annually, about a third of EU climate pollution in 2019.

Much of that methane gas would come from the U.S., where mounting research shows federal regulators are drastically underestimating methane pollution from oil and gas operations, and where LNG operations and connected industries inflict disproportionate pollution on communities of color or displace whole communities altogether, like in the historically segregated, predominantly Black, East End neighborhood of Freeport, Texas, where residents have been forced out to make way for the anticipated increase of oil and gas shipping in the region. (LNG buildout: Bloomberg $, Courthouse News Service, Common Dreams; Freeport: Texas Observer)