Police forcibly removed the protesters desperately trying to block the demolition of Luetzerath, Germany to make way for a coal mine, including prominent climate activist Greta Thunberg on Saturday.  The last two activists, known as “Pinky” and “The Brain,” who had persisted in self-dug tunnels under the North Rhine-Westphalia hamlet left on Monday. “How is this possible? In the year 2023?” Greta Thunberg asked the 15,000-35,000 protesters. “Germany is really embarrassing itself right now.” The anger over the destruction of a village to make way for coal extraction as the devastating impacts of climate change mount is heightened by the fact that it was part of a deal agreed to by the Green Party. (Protests: The Guardian, AP, Reuters, AP, Axios, Reuters, Business Insider, HuffPost, The Hill, New York Times $, Climate Home, Bloomberg $, Fox News; Green politics: Politico EU; Pinky and The Brain: AP)