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Mina Lee

Mina Lee is the Design Lead of Climate Nexus, where she creates information graphics, illustrations, data visualizations and more. Her design work has appeared in outlets such as HuffPost, Mashable, Popular Science, ThinkProgress and EcoWatch. Outside of work, Mina can be found indulging her Instagram at the next big NYC restaurant.

Mina Lee

The Power of The Artist’s Pen

At a time when people are looking for ways to make a difference, art may offer an important avenue. The arts have a rich history of inspiring action. Dorothea Lange’s The Migrant

steps to be buried in a tree
How to Have a Green Burial

You don’t need to believe in reincarnation to rejoin the world of the living as a tree. Isabelle Bolla’s sister passed away from a terminal illness in 2013. Realizing her sister didn’t

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