Hundreds of Amazon workers told executives to “strive harder” as they walked out in protest over the company’s failure to achieve its climate goals, an inequitable return to working in an office policy, and recent layoffs of around 27,000 people. After announcing a climate pledge in 2019, the massive company’s emissions profile rose 40 percent, as it continues to rely on fossil fuels in its massive supply chain of cargo ships, warehouses, trucks, and other distribution channels.

“The climate crisis is here now, and this is a real chance to stand together in solidarity to save every last slice of earth that we can,” the Amazon Employees for Climate Justice said in a news release. The NewClimate Institute, a nonprofit that assesses corporate climate pledges, gave Amazon a poor rating earlier this year because their strategy is heavily reliant on carbon credits and offsets. (The Hill, Wired, AP, ABC News, CNN, CNBC, Guardian, Engadget, Gizmodo, Washington Post $)