Josh Goldman

Josh Goldman

Massive Fish Death In Australia

A heatwave in New South Wales has caused millions of dead fish to wash up in the town of Menindee,  which suffered enormous fish kills during severe drought conditions three years ago.

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Cloud Seeding Gets $2.4M In Nevada

Cloud seeding is a geoengineering technique that involves using planes and cannons that shoot silver iodide into clouds, causing a reaction that makes storm clouds create 5 to 15 percent more precipitation.

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Navajo Water Rights Plea Reaches SCOTUS

Over 150 years ago, treaties between the U.S. and Navajo Nation promised the tribe a "permanent home," but today, roughly a third of the reservation's 175,000 people lack access to running water

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Arctic Sea Ice Undergoing Change

New research from scientists at the Norwegian Polar Institute finds that Arctic sea ice has never made a full recovery since suffering a dramatic decline in 2007. The study published in Nature

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Audubon Keeps Enslaver Name

The Society’s namesake, John James Audubon, was an unrepentant opponent of the abolitionist movement who enslaved nine people at his Kentucky home in the early 1800s. In 1834, Audubon complained the British

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Clean Tech Survives SVB Default

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) is generating questions about the viability of the clean energy companies it financed, as the bank had long been a favorite of renewable startups because

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Online Activism Rises As Biden Sued

Biden’s approval of a huge oil development in northern Alaska caused rise in online activism among environmentalists, who filed a legal challenge against the decision in the U.S. District Court for the

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PFAS Limits Proposed By EPA

The rule would cover six types of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS), also known as “forever chemicals,” and is one of the biggest steps taken toward improving drinking water in 30 years.

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Willow Oil Project Approved In Alaska

Known as “Willow,” the $8 billion plan led by ConocoPhillips, is forecast to produce around 600 million barrels of oil over 30 years and will generate the climate pollution equivalent of what

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Tropical Cyclone Kills 100 In Africa

At over a month old, Tropical Cyclone Freddy has become the longest-lived and most energetic tropical cyclone ever recorded, as it made a second landfall across Mozambique and Malawi with sustained winds

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Heavy Rainfall Floods California

Torrential storms soaked California and set off flooding across the state this weekend. The heavy rainfall was caused by one of the many atmospheric river events to hit the state this winter.

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US, EU, talk Inflation Reduction Act

President Biden met with European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen on Friday amid increased tension surrounding the Inflation Reduction Act and policies some say undercut trade between the U.S. and E.U.

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Romanko Was Banned From CERAWeek

Ukrainian activist and lawyer Svitlana Romanko was barred from entering the CERAWeek oil and gas conference in Houston last week. Romanko helped launch the Stand with Ukraine campaign, which sought to ban

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