Josh Goldman

Josh Goldman

German Police Raid Climate Activist Pads

Fifteen properties across seven German states were searched as part of an investigation into whether the German climate protest group Letzte Generation (Last Generation) is a criminal organization. 170 police officers took

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Pas Plus! France Bans Short Haul Flights

The rule, which went into effect Tuesday, will stop most air travel between Paris and regional hubs like Nantes, Lyon and Bordeaux, though connecting flights are unaffected. The general rule is that

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Protestors Stop Shell Shareholder Meeting

Climate activists stormed Shell’s annual shareholder meeting in London, calling for the oil and gas giant to stop contributing to the climate crisis and stop operations. The demonstrations delayed the meeting by

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How To Grill Cleaner Outdoors

Summer is around the corner, and across the US people are gearing up to put some shrimp on the barbie. However, for the eco-conscious, grilling can have some negative impacts on the

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Cancer Alley Residents Are Fighting Back

In Southwestern Louisiana, oil and gas companies are polluting the air and water with dangerous chemicals, making kids sick. Yet the fossil fuel industry wants to expand in the region, vying to

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