In Southwestern Louisiana, oil and gas companies are polluting the air and water with dangerous chemicals, making kids sick. Yet the fossil fuel industry wants to expand in the region, vying to build four massive new gas export terminals within five miles of each other to export methane gas to other countries. 10-year-old Kamea, who lives in Sulphur, Louisiana near the Gulf Coast is fighting back – asking President Biden to stop approving new oil and gas projects, especially in the Gulf Coast.

Kamea has a skin condition that burns and itches because of the polluted environment. Kamea’s skin breaks out in rashes, and the condition comes after Kamea has already struggled with asthma triggered by poor air quality. Kamea and her mother, Roishetta held an Earth Day march and workshop, to empower others to join their call for environmental justice and the prevention of new fossil facilities. (Teen Vogue)