Oil firms’ advertising has become ubiquitous in the Beltway’s morning newsletters targeted to and read by those with a professional interest in the House Oversight subcommittee hearing on Big Oil’s climate denial and deception, a joint investigation by Earther and Heated reveals. During the first three weeks of this month, oil firms have essentially carpet bombed the influential morning newsletters read by Beltway and industry insiders. While oil companies often sponsor news outlets’ reporting and newsletters on energy issues, that sponsorship ramped up dramatically before today’s hearing.

From Oct.1 to Oct 22 fossil fuel interests sponsored: 63% of Punchbowl newsletters (compared to 14% in the past 6 months); 100% of Politico’s Morning Energy (compared to 68%); and 62% of Axios Generate (compared to 46%). Chevron, the most prolific ad-buyer, has used “lower carbon” in fully half of its Punchbowl ads since May, as did Exxon in half of its ads from the same outlet. The firms also emphasized phrases like “carbon emissions intensity,” which they use to project the impression of lowering climate pollution, while actually increasing their overall carbon footprint. (Earther and Heated)